Blair Devereaux 

Brand Pheauxtographer


Blair Devereaux is a Brand Pheauxtographer who has been servicing the Who’s Nows and What’s Nexts of Atlanta since making the jump in 2015 from enthusiast to full time entrepreneur.  Hunger only matched by his humility, he attributes his fast tracked trajectory to the amazing people who have blessed him with the opportunity to do what he loves for a living.  Never one to create a hierarchy over any of the experiences that have colored his path, you would be hard pressed to see a difference in enthusiasm when he shares some of his favorite work from his ever growing portfolio.  Though some of that work includes his time contracted with Nordstrom as their official social media photographer, being prominently featured on Lifetime’s The Rap Game, and shooting some of his favorite TV Personalities and Entertainers for different magazines, his most fulfilling work comes from creating for the start ups of today that will surely become the brands dominating the industry of tomorrow.      

As a self proclaimed “Huge Marvel Nerd”, Blair always wondered what type of superhero he would be if given superpowers.  Now as he prepares for his Brand Hacks class, with a goal of unblocking fellow business owners from creating impactful content for their brands, it’s becoming all too apparent that he has already found his superpower.  Though if you let him tell it, he would say it’s those same individuals touching his journey, that saves him on the daily.  




Commercial Clients: 

Lifetime TV. The Rap Game. Nordstrom. Tailored Tee. Members Only. Adexe Watches. Kim Denzler. Independent Leaders. Versteal Anthony. Revel by Julian Lark. Colour U Cosmetics. My Damn Food. ShoeFlyy Unlimited. Ninfo Swim.  Spear Brand.  Cuts Clothing.


Elegant Magazine. Ellements Magazine. Estela Magazine. Fruk Magazine. Huf Magazine. Kontrol Magazine. Kontrol Girl Magazine. Obscurae Magazine. Plastiq Magazine. ScorpioJin. Sheen Magazine. Quintessential Gentleman. Vanity Hype.