Blair Devereaux 

Fashion | Commercial Pheauxtographer


Though the heart of PHEAUXTOGRAPHY was in the right place, its ambition and purpose were elusive.  If I was going to blend my name with the PHEAUXTOGRAPHY brand, then my brand would have to represent my passion and purpose for life. I feel like God’s purpose for placing me here, is to connect with people's light.  Helping people around me live their most passion filled and bravest version of their life, shamelessly charges me to do the same with mine.  So with that, I could no longer aspire for  my brand to represent only surface aesthetic when life is laced with so many beautiful and imperfect layers. 

Its not that I don’t want to capture beautiful moments.  I just desire for those I cross paths with to realize that one of the most beautiful movements in life, is the moment you decide to own your truth; whatever that may be.  In that moment you realize that your goal in life was never to seek light, because its always been around you.  Your goal is to seek and find all the barriers within yourself you have built up against receiving it.  

At some point you have to stop the running and allow yourself to be captured.   



From the beginning, PHEAUXTOGRAPHY was about “Creating high fashion experiences for those living life fashionably high.” 

The goal was to give the everyday person an experience that created a feeling of grandeur.  If just for a short amount of time, I wanted people to feel as beautiful as I saw them.  It was about creating a moment.  



Commercial Clients: 

Lifetime TV. The Rap Game. Nordstrom. Tailored Tee. Members Only. Adexe Watches. Kim Denzler. Independent Leaders. Versteal Anthony. Revel by Julian Lark. Colour U Cosmetics. My Damn Food. ShoeFlyy Unlimited. Ninfo Swim.  Spear Brand.  Cuts Clothing.


Elegant Magazine. Ellements Magazine. Estela Magazine. Fruk Magazine. Huf Magazine. Kontrol Magazine. Kontrol Girl Magazine. Obscurae Magazine. Plastiq Magazine. ScorpioJin. Sheen Magazine. Quintessential Gentleman. Vanity Hype.